The event: GARDEN LORE, FACT OR FICTION with Jude Lawton
Where: Vestry Hall, Marden
When: Tuesday 10th  September 2019 

Our speaker tonight is Jude Lawton, Chairman of Plant Heritage Kent. Jude spoke to us about Plant Heritage Kent in February 2014.

This is a change to the published programme due to unfortunate ill health of the advertised speaker. 

Competition: A plate of seasonal produce
£10 voucher to the winner


Our speaker at the September meeting was Jude Lawton, whose talk was entitled ‘Garden Lore – Fact, Fiction or Matter of Opinion?’.  Jude used to be employed as a gardener & compiled this talk after wondering where the gardening ‘rules’ came from.  She mentioned that many years ago when large houses employed staff, they often had numerous gardeners, trainees or apprentices who had to be kept occupied throughout the year, so they were given jobs to do that perhaps weren’t entirely necessary. Examples of this are the washing out of plant pots which isn’t really needed unless there’s been an infestation of insects, and digging, which can redistribute weed seeds and make soil dry out more quickly.  Earthworms will aerate the soil if left to do their job.  Another myth is putting stones in the bottom of plant pots for drainage, which apparently is not necessary.  She also pointed out that its not important what time of day plants are watered, just do it when you have time & the plants are drying out. One of the best tips Jude gave us was that old potting compost can be reused.  Just add some fresh compost and slow release fertiliser to it and the plant will grow just as well.