CLEMATIS – Tues 12th March 2019

The event: CLEMATIS with Everett Leeds
Where: Vestry Hall, Marden
When: Tuesday 12th March 2019 at 7.30pm 

Our Speaker tonight, Everett Leeds, has been involved with clematis for many years. He is a member of the International Clematis Society and has four times been Chairman of the British Clematis Society. He has written many articles on clematis and clematarians and he co-authored An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Clematis and the Pocket Guide to Clematis (both Timber Press) with Mary Toomey and Charles Chesshire. Also he is  involved with Clematis on the Web.


This month’s talk was given by clematis aficionado Everett Leeds.  On holiday with his family in Suffolk in 1976, Everett popped into the famous Fisk clematis nursery, bought six clematis and was hooked on these beautiful plants. He told us that clematis arrived in the UK during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Seeds were brought into the country including the old variety that we are still familiar with – the viticella. In the 1800s the Jackman family produced the well known Jackmanii to national acclaim.  Thomas Cripps then introduced even more exciting varieties and hybrids, increasing the range of flowers.  We were shown beautiful pictures of old varieties and new generation double clematis.  Mostly we think of these plants climbing all over walls and growing into trees etc but there are some ground covering herbaceous varieties and even a tiny white alpine clematis from New Zealand that only grows to 4 inches. Some varieties can be ‘thuggish’ and take over a garden, so be careful to choose the right one.  

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