Money saving ideas

Save money and make use of things you might just be putting in the bin, with these clever ideas:

Egg boxes

Take cuttings in egg boxes that are filled with compost and then turned upside down in a seed tray. Make a cross in the top with a sharp knife to hold the cutting in place then make a small slit in the side to hold the label. When cuttings have rooted tear cells apart and plant the whole thing without disturbing the new roots. (George Puddifoot’s tip)

Save all spare lids and edges of egg boxes, shred them finely in a food processor to make a granule like texture then mix this with your basket compost to act as water retaining granules; much cheaper than buying them plus the cardboard will eventually rot away. (George Puddifoot’s tip)

Plastic water bottles 

Use a square 1lt water bottle as a mini propagator. Cut it in half length ways to the base, this becomes the hinge. Laid it on it’s side, it will  hold your egg box full of cuttings or small pots. Use the screw on lid to hold the whole thing together until roots appear; you can check for this just by picking the bottle up and looking underneath without disturbing the cuttings. (George Puddifoot’s tip)

Plastic water bottle- bird feeder

Make a bird feeder out of an old lemonade bottle as the squirrels can’t cling to the shiny sides and slide off. Cut holes about 3″ up from the bottom then fill with gravel to that level. Put split canes through as perches and fill with seed. Hang up with wire pushed through the neck of the bottle. (Steve Bradley’s tip)