Pests and Diseases

Tips for treating pests and diseases:


Put a bar of cheap bath soap in a water butt and stir well when it has dissolved; the water will go a milky colour. Use this to water any plants with greenfly using the rose on a watering can. Harmless on vegetables. (George Puddifoot’s tip)


Add 1 dessert spoon of Comfort Fabric Conditioner to a gallon of water and spray onto whitefly once a week until all signs of eggs are gone. (George Puddifoot’s tip)

Slugs & Snails

Put some Porridge Oats in a saucer and protect from rain. The slugs will eat the oats and die as they expand inside them. (George Puddifoot’s tip)

Lily Beetles

Chop 1lb of Rhubarb leaves and boil in 2 pints of water for 20 minutes. When cold mix remaining liquid with 1 gallon of water and spray onto beetles. (George Puddifoot’s tip)

Vine Weevils

Put a dessert spoon of honey inside a jam jar and lay on it’s side near to where Vine Weevils have been seen or are likely to be. Adults are attracted to the sweet liquid and can be collected from the jar and disposed of late in the evenings. Every adult weevil lays 1000 eggs! (George Puddifoot’s tip)

Vine Weevil Grubs

Use the  same Rhubarb mix as above and water onto affected pots and borders. (George Puddifoot’s tip)

Birds attacking Polyanthus & Primroses

Use the inside of a compost bag or paint a piece of plastic black then stick 2 fluorescent circles on it to resemble hawks eyes. Suspend this from a cane on a piece of wire near affected plants. (George Puddifoot’s tip)

 Black Spot

Mix 1 tablespoon of plain flour to a paste then mix into 1 gallon of water. Use this to spray onto any plant affected with Black Spot, Rust, Mildew etc. It makes a weak glue solution which seals the infection to stop it releasing spores. Treat as soon as leaves appear then again in June. (George Puddifoot’s tip)

Clear up all fallen leaves as spores overwinter on them, mulch plants heavily. Spray at leaf burst. (Jean Griffin’s tip)


Make a bird feeder out of an old lemonade bottle as the squirrels can’t cling to the shiny sides and slide off. Cut holes about 3″ up from the bottom then fill with gravel to that level. Put split canes through as perches and fill with seed. Hang up with wire pushed through the neck of the bottle. (Steve Bradley’s tip)

Tomato blight

1 tablet of Asprin dissolved in a gallon of water is “said” to help with tomato blight when watered in.  It does not solve the problem but the tomatoes can carry on growing and still be picked “allegedly”. (Jean Griffin’s tip)