PETER BEALES ROSES – Tues 9th April 2019

The event: PETER BEALES ROSES with Simon White 
Where: Memorial Hall, Marden
When: Tuesday 9th April 2019 at 7.30pm

Our speaker tonight is Simon White, Garden Centre Manager at Peter Beales Roses, who has a passion for roses, which he likes to share with others. He has over 36 years experience in growing “the nation’s favourite flower”.

Peter Beales Roses have been passionate about roses since 1968, when Peter opened his first rose nursery. Since then Peter Beales Roses have become renowned around the world for specialising in the preservation of old fashioned, historic and rare roses, as well as winning many prestigious awards, including 25 Gold medals at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Today they list over 1100 different varieties which is possibly the largest collection of roses grown commerically anywhere on the globe, with over 250 which are unique to Peter Beales Roses and cannot be purchased anywhere else. They have over 2.5 acres of display gardens at their nursery and Garden Centre in Attleborough Norfolk where they showcase most of their collection combined with a vast selection of perennials, shrubs and clematis.

They have grown millions of roses, from shrub, climbing to modern hybrid and floribunda roses that are now growing all over the world, from small city gardens in London to hundreds of acres in Japan. 

Many growers outsource the cultivation of their roses to Eastern Europe, or keep their plants in cold store late into the spring and early summer – both practises, Peter Beales believe, lead to inferior roses and disappointing results. Their roses are all grown in East Anglia tended for by local, expert nurserymen with many years’ experience. Roses come in two main forms: bare root roses in the winter and containerised roses throughout the summer. Bare root roses are perfect for winter planting and arrive between November and March, whilst the roses are dormant and can be safely transported with roots exposed.  Bare root roses are perfect for mass plantings where handling large plants would cause a problem with planting distance. 

Guests are very welcome at the meeting this evening, the cost is  £3 and they can pay on the door. 

Competition: Vase of spring flowers
£10 voucher to the winner
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Simon White from Peter Beale’s Rose gave us a fascinating talk.  The company has won 25 Gold Medals at Chelsea for their rose displays at the flower show and as Nursery Manager, Simon has had 38 years of experience with them. He took us through an A – Z of various varieties, with wonderful photographs, and the pros and cons of growing different types.  It is such a huge subject he could have spoken for hours, but generally gave us a good insight into which breeds of rose would suit different areas in our gardens. Roses prefer clay soil and with a good watering and feeding regime, diseases should be kept at bay. One important thing to remember is not to plant a rose where another rose has previously grown, as this is likely to hinder its development. 

Peter Beale’s also sell over 400 varieties of clematis and Simon brought some wonderful plants to sell, which were eagerly snapped up.