Some basics

All courtesy of Jean Griffin
Seed sowing and cuttings
Compress and water your compost prior to seed sowing.

Have the rose on your watering can facing up for seed sowing and down for potting, the weight of the water will settle plants into the compost, don’t firm plants in with your thumbs as this pushes all the air out of the compost.

Vermiculite on top of seeds keeps them warm and it has some fungal properties which help against damping off. Coarse grit is better for cuttings.

Pinching the top out of cuttings encourages root growth and prevents rotting.
For hardwood cuttings
Place a plastic bag doubled up on a flat surface and put some compost on it.   Take some cuttings about a foot or so long. Take off about an inch on one side and lay the cuttings about 4 inches apart on top of the compost then roll up the plastic and stand it bottom side up during the winter.  When taking the cuttings make a slanted cut on the top and a flat cut on the bottom so you know which way up they go.
For semi ripe cuttings
Take out the growing tip, take off leaves and halve the size of the top leaf.  Take the side off the bottom of the stem about one inch long and plant.  Round the side of a terracotta pot if possible.  You can tell after a short time if they have taken as the leaf will fall off if it has not.
For leaf cuttings
Take by cutting the leaf both diagonal or upward.  The diagonal ones can be put in compost for the length of the cut and when rooted divided.
For further information listen to Jean on Radio Kent.